Monday, June 27, 2011

New Blog

I have started a new blog and will no longer be updating this blog....haha! It's been like a year The new blog is! Check it out and I'm hosting a give away!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hannity's Newborn Photo Shoot

Well...once again I'm way behind on blogging! Hannity's newborn photo shoot was about a month and a half ago! Life with 2 kiddo's has been busy....taking care of them, keeping up a house, my vinyl business, and hanging out with Paul any break he takes from studying occupy my time! But here are some of the many pictures that were taken!

This is the only family pic we got...Landon would NOT cooperate!

She is so sweet and just absolutely perfect! More pics to day!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome Hannity Lynn Lanier!

On Friday June 4, I woke up with some really painful contractions at 5 am! I had a doctor appointment the day before, had my membranes stripped and afterwards I was almost 5 cm dilated....but had zero contractions! Since I didn't have contractions I didn't go to the hospital. When I woke up to contractions, I started timing them and they were about 40 seconds long and only about 2 minutes apart! I told Paul and he just kind of brushed it off, and said we could go to the hospital in a few hours because he wanted to sleep some more....silly boy! Well I went to the bathroom and lost my mucus plug....sorry if that's too much information....and after I said "Paul we are going to the hospital....this is it!" So he got in the shower while I put make up on and curled my hair...I wanted to look good while in labor, and my contractions were getting worse. I then told Paul that we had to go to the hospital now! He said "so I don't have time to shave my face?" I of course said no!!! So we loaded up the car and had my mom come and pick Landon up to take to my friend Kim's house, so she could watch him. We headed to the hospital and arrived there at 6:15 am. When I got there, there was nobody working downstairs, so I had to walk up to labor and delivery, by then my contractions were REALLY painful!!! I got up to labor and delivery. When we walked through the doors, I had another contractions and the nurses shouted out from down the hall "What baby is this for you??" I said "number 2." So they all came running at me and got me into a bed. The head nurse asked if I was going to want an epidural and I of course said yes!!! She then checked me and I was 9cm dilated. She then told me that I couldn't have an epidural because the baby was coming now! I of course cried and panicked! How was I going to do this with no drugs??? They asked who my doctor was and luckily he was already I didn't have to wait to push! I got to the hospital at 6:15 am and Hannity was out at labor was just under 2 hours...not bad!!! Since there was no time there was only 1 pic taken before, and here it is...I look gross!
Welcome to the world
Hannity Lynn Lanier
June 4, 2010
6lbs 6oz
19 inches long...and she is just PERFECT!!!

Here she is with my doctor, Dr. Juarez.
Here's me holding Hannity for the 1st time...I felt great and was walking around afterwards...I'm so glad to have had such a short labor...
Her body temperature kept dropping after she was born, so here she is under a heater.
When my mom brought Landon in, he was asleep...
He woke up to his brand new baby sister.

My little family, along with my brother and mom. They were in the delivery room with me.
Here we are eating our celebration dinner at the surprisingly wasn't that bad!

Here she is ready for her hospital picture.
Here we are ready to be discharged....just waiting on the pediatrician to discharge Hannity.
Sweet bundle of joy =)
In the car seat ready to go!
Getting brought out to the car...our new minivan that Paul surprised me with for my birthday!
Here she is at home wearing her 1st dress...she was mad because I set her down!
and mad again because I set her down...
and mad again because she had a sponge bath...
and mad again!
She's kind of happy here =)
Here she is after her 1st Sunday at church!
wearing her 1st bracelet!
This is Hannity before her 1st road trip, she was 2 weeks old!
Here she is chilling in a cute little summer outfit that Paul's cousin got her!
We are so glad that this little girl has come in to our family! It definitely has been an adjustment. Landon has been having a hard time, but for the most part things are going well! I have been recovering great, and have been managing to get things done around the I'm happy! I've been missing my sleep though....but it's oh so worth it!

Family Pictures

Before Miss Hannity was born we did some family pics....Landon's 2 year pics and some maternity pics! Here are some of my faves =)

You can check out Mandy's other photos and contact info here! Thanks Mandy....we love em'!

Landon turns 2

It's been since Feb 28 since I last updated...WOW!!!On March 28 we threw Landon a 2nd birthday party! We had it early in the morning and served breakfast! We had a bunch of our friends and Landon's friends there. He had a really good time! There aren't very many pics because I didn't take very I have a lot of blog catching up to do!

The party was Cars themed, this is the banner that I made.
My mom got Landon a rocking horse because he is OBSESSED with horses!!! He stayed on his horse the whole party pretty much! His friend Boston is in the background!
After his party we headed up to Searchlight for some Tea Party action....we didn't make it in time to see Sarah Palin speak =(. Afterwards we went to a Tea Party in Henderson and got to hear Ann Coulter speak. Here is Landon with his "Don't tread on me flag!" He loved it and carried it around with him!
April 1, was Landon's actual birthday! For his birthday we took him to he is with my mom after he picked out what he wanted to make!
In the store there was a stroller with a chipmunk, he loved it and was pushing it all around the store while walking his doggie!
Afterwards, we went to Wal Mart and picked up a cake....I didn't feel like making one, plus buttercream frosting sounded so good! We got him a cake and my mom let him pick out a toy.
He chose this jungle gym! Family shot on his bday!